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ScrapBook Spring 2011
Tire recycling is no news in the Emirates-For many years there has been heavy

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Sharjah National Crumb and Rubber
is overwhelmed to launch their website. We warmly welcome you all to have a look into our website to find out what we do.


While very little rubber from used tires goes into the production of new tires, a host of other products made from recycled tire rubber has come on the market. Chips of shredded tire rubber are used as fill in engineering projects. More finely chipped and screened tire rubber is used is playground and landscaping mulch. Crumb rubber is used to make better asphalt, while rubber mixed with urethane is used to make athletic track surfaces and a variety of molded products.

Main Machines / Tyre Recycling

  • Super Chopper - Pre-Chopping
  • Heavy Rasper - Granulation
  • Fine-Granulators - Fine-Granulation
  • Classifiers PC10 & PC15 - Separation
  • Aspirator - Separation
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Product Range

  • Tyre Chips or Shredded Tyre pieces of 6 to 12 inches
  • TDF of 15,20, 25 & 50 mm
  • Tire Granule From 1mm to 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 &12 mm free from steel and textile
  • Fine Rubber powder of 1mm
  • Fine Steel Chords with 10% Rubber
  • Textile Free of rubber Liberated from Tyres